Example Scrum Certification Test Questions

Q: What kind of software development projects can be executed by Scrum Project Management Framework?

Choice-1: Complete software packages
Choice-2: Customer projects
Choice-3: Sub-systems, components or parts of bigger systems
Choice-4: All kinds of software development projects
Choice-5: None of the given answers

Answer: All kinds of software development projects

Q: What does NOT belong to cornerstones of the agile manifesto?

Choice-1: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Choice-2: Working software over comprehensive documentation
Choice-3: Processes over people
Choice-4: Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Choice-5: Responding to change over following a plan

Answer: Processes over people

Q: What is defined by the Scrum Framework?

A) Rules & Roles
B) Document guidelines
C) Artifacts and events

Choice-1: A
Choice-2: B
Choice-3: C
Choice-4: A, B, C
Choice-5: A, C

Answer: Choice-5: A, C

Q: Where are the customer requirements stored?

Choice-1: In the Product Backlog
Choice-2: In the Sprint Backlog
Choice-3: In a database
Choice-4: In a Scrum Product Requirement Specification
Choice-5: Nowhere. The Scrum Product Owner knows them

Answer: Choice-1: In the Product Backlog

Q: Which ones of the following main roles are defined by Scrum Framework?

A) Scrum Tester
B) The Scrum Team
C) Scrum Manager
D) Scrum Master
E) Scrum Product Owner

Choice-1: A, B, C, D, E
Choice-2: B, C, D, E
Choice-3: B, D, E
Choice-4: A, B, D, E
Choice-5: A, B, C, D

Answer: Choice-3 / B, D, E

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